Andisheh Pharma Research and Development Inc. Established in is 2005, Andisheh is the bedrock of Azhand Pharmaceutical Holding Inc. research and development. Various areas of R&D include API and drug product non-infringing process development, synthesis, characterization, purity and assay determination and specification of secondary reference standards (SRS or Working Standards) and novel stereochemical separations of enantiomers of APIs which has been published and patented. In the area of drug product development, novel non-infringing methods to simplify direct compression without resorting to roller compaction and novel formulations of existing drugs to improve bioavailability or to reduce GI side-effects have been developed and patented. In the area of biopharmaceuticals, synthesis and purification of antibody-drug conjugates and API-nanoparticle conjugates as well as novel methods for the isolation of mAbs have been published by our scientists in the chemical literature and patented. Our engineering department has successfully designed various closed system manufacturing equipment for the production of Category V HiPo APIs and oral drug products. The equipment have been validated using standard tests such as pressure differential, ammonia, CO2, dispersed oil particulate (DOP) and surrogate using naproxen sodium and approved for use by the Ministry of Health. Andisheh enjoys strong ties with major academic institutions in Iran and a number of our senior scientific staff serve as faculty members and Ph.D. committee members. Over 32 US and 51 international process and product patents have granted to our scientists. Also, our scientific and technical staff have authored or co-authored over 150 articles in the prestigious journals in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical sciences.